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Generally we utilize the following approaches:

Services - Our Mission

Sunshine Senior Counseling mission is to enhance the quality of life for our clients by providing opportunity to explore difficult or complex thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

The later stages of life provides opportunies for many people to set new goals, enhance their relationships and view their previous accomplishments.  However, some seniors feel a sence of emptiness at the same time that their physical and emotional resources are declining.  Multiple losses of loves ones, disabilites, housing transition and changes in lifestlye due to declining health are life stressers that can interfere with one's quality of life in the later years



The experienced team at Sunshine Senior Counseling fully licensed and trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities. We provided specialized individual and family therapies specifically designed to address the unique needs of elders, family members and caregivers.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Dialectic Behavioral Therapy

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

  • Problem Solving Therapy

  • Trauma Focused Therapies


Group Counseling & More

Group Counseling is offered for residents in long term care settings.  It can reduce social isolation and efficiently address common issues as well as help with the of adjustment to residential living.

Individual Counseling is a process through which clients work one-on-one with one of our trained mental health clinician in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.

Family Counseling We offer family centered counseling sessions with patients and their families to help foster communication.  We encourage family members and residents in forming problem-solving approaches for creating a positive mental health environment. We also have specialist who work with Grandparents who are adjusting or having difficulties with raising their grandchildren.

We conduct an initial intake assessment and interview to identify and diagnose the mental health of residents and focus of therapy. The findings from this psychological assessment and diagnosis are used in formulating an individual treatment plan that would best serve our clients.

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