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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Sunshine Senior Counseling do?
    Sunshine Senior Counseling is a group of licensed therapists and psychologists who provide counseling to senior living communities as well as in private residences. Due to the Coronavirus, we are providing mostly tele-health counseling. We provide counseling services to our client's throughout the State of Florida.
  • How much does counseling cost?
    Counseling is covered by Medicare Part B and many Advantage and Commercial Insurance Plans. We also accept private pay.
  • Do I need a medical doctor referral or a preapproval?
    You do not need a medical doctor referral. All you need to do is call or email us to make an appointment.
  • How many times can I be seen under Medicare?
    Medicare does not limit the number of sessions per year. If you have a Advantage Plan or Commercial Insurance we will call regarding your benefits.
  • Where does Sunshine Senior Counseling provide services?
    Services are provided in in private residences, including senior living communities, assisted living facilities, retirement communities, as well as private homes. Currently due to the Coronavirus we are mostly offering Tele-Health Counseling. We use video conferencing or we can talk on the regular phone
  • What if I am already receiving services from a Home Health Care Agency?
    There is no conflict. We can provide counseling services to you at the same time as you receive home health services, (including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social work and RN services).
  • What happens during our first visit?
    During the first appointment, a caring and experienced therapist talks with the client to determine current needs. This may involve answering questions and filling out forms. We will work collaboratively with each client to determine an individual plan.
  • What types of counseling does Sunshine Senior Counseling provide?
    We provide individual, family and group counseling. Our therapists are trained in many different types of therapy that older adults and people with disabilities might face. We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that clients are matched with therapists best suited to their individual needs.
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